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So you've made the big decision. You're pulling up stakes and relocating. A home move is going to be a lot of work; you can't get away from that. But using this home move checklist and timeline as your guide, your move will be as pain-free as possible!

Eight weeks before your move

  • Inventory - Create an inventory sheet of all which is to be moved.
  • Moving Options - Do-it-yourself or using a moving company.
  • Moving Quotes - Request quotes from moving companies and movers.
  • Discard Unnecessary Items - Moving is a great time for ridding yourself of unnecessary items. Have a yard sale or donate unnecessary items to charity.
  • Collect Packing Materials - Gather moving boxes and packing materials.
  • Contact Insurance Companies - Contact your insurance agent to cancel / transfer your insurance policy.
  • Employer Benefits - If your move is work-related, your employer may provide funding for moving expenses. Your human resources rep should have information on this policy.

Four weeks before a move checklist

  • Contact Utility Companies - Set utility turnoff date, seek refunds and deposits and notify them of your new address.
  • Obtain Medical Records - Contact your doctors, physicians, dentists and other medical specialists who made currently be retaining any of your family's medical records.
  • Use Perishable Foods - Check your cupboards, refrigerator and freezer to use up as much of your perishable food as possible.
  • Small Engines - Extract gas and oil from the machines in order to reduce the chance to catch fire during your move.
  • Protect Jewelry and Valuables - Transfer jewelry and valuables to safety deposit box so they can not be lost or stolen during your move.

One week before the move checklist

  • Change Of Address - Go to the Postal Service is not a change of address form.
  • Bank Accounts - Transfer or close bank and financial accounts.
  • Car Service - If your car will be driven long distances, you'll one to have them service so you have a trouble-free drive.
  • Cancel Services - Notify any remaining service providers including, newspapers, lawn services, etc.
  • Start Packing - Begin packing all things destined for your new location.
  • Travel Items - Set aside all items you'll need while traveling.
  • Furniture Inventory - Examine your furniture for scratches and dents before you want to compare notes with your mover on your moving day.

Moving day checklist

  • Itinerary - Make plans to spend the entire day at the house or at least until the movers are on their way.
  • House Review - Once the house is empty, check the entire house (closets, the attic, basement, etc) to ensure no items are left or no home issues exist.
  • Double Check Your Mover - Ensure your mover has the proper new address and all of your most recent contact information should they have any questions during your move.
  • Vacate - Make sure utilities are off, doors and windows are locked and notify your real estate agent you've left the property.